Chris Weidman Announces Second Surgery for Gruesome Leg Injury Suffered at UFC 261

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Things aren’t going well for Chris
, who will need to go under the knife soon. In a recent
interview with MMA Today on SiriusXM, the former
Ultimate Fighting Championship
185-pound titleholder revealed
that his injury is more severe than expected. Weidman broke his
right fibula and tibia on a low kick checked by Uriah Hall in
their clash at UFC 261. “The All-American” had surgery a few hours
later and has been dealing with rehabilitation since.

“I’m actually getting another surgery, I just found out,” Weidman
said. “I’m getting another surgery, most likely on Aug. 11. They’re
going to have to plate the fibula bone because it’s considered a
non-union, so the bones aren’t healing the way it’s supposed to,
which kind of sucks, but I did expect setbacks and issues with this
type of traumatic injury, and I’ve been through a lot.”

Weidman (15-6, 11-6 UFC) suffered the gruesome injury on his very
first strike thrown at Hall. Before the TKO loss, he outpointed
via unanimous decision at UFC on Fight Night 174. That
night, he spanned a two-bout skid at the hands of Ronaldo
and Dominick

“At the end of the day, I guess my mindset is… I’m just a positive
person, to begin with,” Weidman added. “Not that I don’t have
moments of negativity and laziness and lack of motivation, but I’m
usually a glass half-full type of person. I think that helps. I
tend to… If I ever feel bad for myself, it’s very easy to look at
someone else who has it worse and realize you have nothing to
complain about it and you can’t be feeling sorry for yourself.”
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Chris Weidman Announces Second Surgery for Gruesome Leg Injury Suffered at UFC 261

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