MyTV Online (Formuler) Player Setup

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The “MyTV Online 2” application is a pre-installed app for devices from the manufacturer “Formuler”. The app is available in two different versions. The “MyTV Online” app is available for Formuler Z7, Z8, Z10, and older models, as well as Formuler Z Nano. “MyTV Online 2” is therefore available for devices Formuler Z8 or newer.

This is an Android application that can be used on both the Stalker/MAG system and Xtream Codes. Set up your Formuler device in just a few steps.

Setting up the portal setting

​NOTE: If you have not yet connected your device to the Internet, we ask you to do so. We always recommend using a LAN cable, as this allows full internet performance to be used. The Internet speed may be impaired if you have connected your device to your Internet network via wireless. If your MyTV Online 2 app is not up to date, we ask you to update the app to avoid possible programming errors.

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Step 1: Please select “Add Portal” in the MyTV Online 2 app.

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Step 2:

​Please enter an abbreviation/nickname in the “Portal Nickname” field, we recommend using our name “Boom TV).

​Step 3:

Then enter the portal URLs that was sent to you after your purchase or trial request, and the username / password combination.

​Step 4:

To establish a connection with your account, click “CONNECT”.

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Step 5:

Now your device should load the portal and the associated channels, VOD & EPG data. This may take a few minutes, so we ask for your patience.

​Step 6:

You have now set up your MyTV Online 2 app.

​We hope you enjoy watching it!

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