How to watch NFL games on firestick?

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If you are a fan of the National Football League (NFL), we are sure that just as we are, you too are anxiously waiting for this incredible sporting event to begin. 

Known for being the most popular sporting event in the United States, the NFL becomes highly sought-after content, especially during this time of the year. However, it is likely that in order to access this content through the Internet, your first – and apparently only – option is to receive an expensive extra charge on your cable service. 

Luckily, we want to tell you that, thanks to the expansion of the internet, the way we consume content on the web has been modernized. Today we want to offer you an inexpensive, easy-to-access and high-capacity alternative for playing multimedia content, including NFL shows. We’re talking about tuning into NFL games on firestick

What is a firestick?

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A firestick is a small device that has the ability to transform our traditional TV into a smart TV. It is a streaming device that works like a computer and runs third party applications, which are easily downloadable. You can download these applications on your Firestick and run them from the Amazon store. 

This means you can enjoy movies, TV shows, music and games without paying monthly fees.

In recent years it has gained great popularity among users in various parts of the world, precisely because of its ability to play high-definition streaming content, including of course the NFL channel and other sports platforms.  

The only requirement for your TV to have access to NFL on firestick and countless other content is that it must be HD. Best of all, it’s a portable device that you can take anywhere, adapt to other TVs and still have such a genuine and efficient connection to the content. 

Watch NFL games on Firestick

The first and most important thing is to purchase a firestick. There are many suppliers, but the advantage of purchasing a firestick from us is that it includes our pre-configuration. Thanks to this configuration you will only have to install it and it will be ready to use, as shown in our installation guide

Buy a preconfigured Firestick here

Watch NFL games on Firestick with an IPTV provider

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Now, in order to watch NFL games on Firestick, please purchase any of our IPTV plans along with the purchase of this device. The benefits of contracting our IPTV service is that we offer you reliable and secure media, with a wide list of more than 2000 channels so you have access to your favorite programs and sporting events. 

However, our service gives you access to much more than just NFL games on Firestick. You can also find news channels, series, movies and general entertainment. 

Remember that one of the main benefits of this system is undoubtedly that you as a user have absolute control over what, when and how you want to see your favorite content. 

We are constantly adding new channels to the list, so you will always have access to updated content, in high definition quality. What are you waiting for to live the best experience in IPTV services?


Firestick is a minimalist design device, capable of streaming millions of on-demand programs. Despite not having a cable connection, it has almost unlimited content capacity, which makes its compact design even more incredible and not to mention the installation process is easy, practical and effective. That of course makes it even more noticeable that all the content you access will be in high definition.

In conclusion, if you are an avid sports fan, we guarantee that this is the best way to watch NFL games through Firestick. You will have access to the content you enjoy so much, without suffering from annoying interruptions and at an incredible price. 

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