Top 10 best free online movie streaming sites

It’s no secret that television has had a huge impact throughout history. That’s right, it’s amazing how a technological breakthrough that emerged almost a hundred years ago is still just as relevant today. It is even surprising how it has been updated over time.

The content and the way it’s transmitted have also evolved. We have gone from tuning with analog aerial antennas, to digital formats via cable or satellite.

But something that is also quite popular today is streaming content or on demand format. Today it is impossible for you not to know about it. Most of these services are paid, and therefore, it is not unusual that at some point we are looking for a free alternative to access them.

This is precisely what we want to talk about today! In BOOM TV we are experts in the field and we provide a variety of live TV services and content on demand format. We present you the 10 best free movie streaming sites, so if you want to know them, read on!

Your favorite movies for free wherever you want!

The seventh art has many fans. And even if they aren’t, who doesn’t enjoy watching a movie once in a while? There are so many genres, as to satisfy all tastes: comedies, dramas, horror, suspense, musicals, and so on.

We know that at some point you want to treat yourself to a good movie, but what would you think if we told you that you can have access to almost any movie, from the comfort of wherever you are? And yes, all for free and with no strings attached!

H2-Your-favorite-movies-for-free-wherever-you-want!Just as you read: free! So, we present you ten options of movie streaming sites, which you can access at any time and for free. However, we want to clarify two things: first, the sites we present are not owned by BOOM TV; second, it is likely to appear ads and pop-ups, so take the necessary measures.

Anyway, let’s meet the promised sites below:

1. Tubi

We start our recommended list of free movie streaming sites with Tubi. It is a very popular site nowadays, for making available several live TV broadcasts, as well as series and movies.

One advantage that Tubi has over other platforms is that it is available for many devices: website and app on Play Store (for Android), App Store (for iOS), Amazon App Store and Roku. About 213,000 people enjoy its content on the site per month.

2. AZMovies

The second place on our list is held by AZMovies. It is a veteran free streaming site, with an interesting philosophy: it offers a large catalog of movies in high definition (720p and 1080p) and a slogan that states that you can enjoy your movies without limits, that “they are free and always will be”.

Take a look, and we assure you won’t regret it. Approximately 500,000 people use the site every month.

3. SolarMovies

Positioned in the third place, we present SolarMovies. This is a new site, unlike the previous ones, which have well earned their popularity. SolarMovies is also getting it, and for a reason, isn’t it?

This young site offers you plenty of high-quality links to enjoy your favorite movies. It even has a very efficient search engine, where you can filter results. Give it a try!

And what else does Solar Movies have to offer? Well, an interesting feature of the site is that it allows users to create an account, with which they can receive updates, information about the site and more. Approximately 236,000 users enjoy their favorite content here, so don’t miss out.

4. Peacock TV

Peacock TV ranks fourth. Similarly, we are talking about another site that is gaining popularity in the field of free streaming. It is a streaming platform of NBC, launched a little over a year ago. Here you can enjoy a variety of movies, TV shows and live streaming channels, all free and at your choice!

Now do you understand why it is gaining popularity? Just like the option in the previous numeral, this amazing site offers the possibility to register. But everything goes beyond that, as the playback is very smooth.

As if that were not enough, Peacock TV is also available as an application for most operating systems. Approximately 300,000 people enjoy watching its content every month.

5. Soap2Day

Surely, you’ve been waiting for it, so here it is. Soap2Day makes its appearance at the fifth spot on our list of free movie streaming services. This is another veteran site, popular for its variety of free movies, for years now.

Over time, the original domain was shut down, but it has re-emerged and is still going strong today. There is little to say about this great site that is not already known. So much is its quality, that about 1.4 million people use it every month to watch their favorite movies. Try it too!

6. Crackle

Is Sony’s popular platform included in this top? Of course, it is, and it couldn’t be left behind and is positioned at number six. Surely you know it, since it is popular in the world of on-demand TV services. It has a wide category of titles, not only movies, but also TV shows and programming from that company.

Crackle is available through apps for most smart devices. Be aware, however, that ads will inevitably appear, as Sony uses this platform as an ad-supported platform. Approximately 94,000 users enjoy this service per month, so don’t miss out on trying it yourself.

7. Plex Media Server

Does the name of this platform ring a bell? Surely you have heard of it in the past, for being dedicated to torrenting. However, now it offers thousands of free streaming movies, TV shows and live TV broadcasts. It ranks in our seventh place.

Plex Media Server also offers the ability to access from almost any device, so don’t miss out on exploring it! At least 606,000 people enjoy its content monthly.

8. 123Movies

Let’s talk about one of the last sites on our list: 123Movies in the eighth place. Another site with a great trajectory in this world of free streaming. Likewise, it offers a varied catalog of movies, available in 1080p and the best part: with little or no ads or pop-ups!

123Movies interface is extremely simple and intuitive. You won’t have to get lost with its search bar and the various categories listed. When selecting the movie of your choice, you will probably have to click the play button more than once, but other than that, there is no major inconvenience. About 64,000 people use it per month.

9. PopcornFlix

Our penultimate recommendation of free movie streaming sites is PopcornFlix. About four years old, it has a catalog with more than 1,500 movies of various genres: family, action, comedy, horror and among others, even documentaries and TV shows.

Undoubtedly, it is a great alternative for entertainment. And of course, around 10,000 people use the site every month.

10. IMDb TV

We close our list of free movie streaming services with an interesting proposal from Amazon. It is also ad-supported, which is a similar case to Sony’s Crackle. This site offers original IMDb titles for free. All you need is an account to enjoy the content.

As you can imagine, advertising on this site is also unavoidable. But, if the content is to your liking, it will definitely be worth it. An average of 30,000 people a month use it. Don’t miss out.

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If you’ve read this far, you’ve been able to learn about the options for free movie streaming sites and there are many. We hope you have found an option to your liking. One recommendation to enjoy your favorite content optimally is to use a VPN selector, which can also help improve your online security.

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