How to watch all UFC Fights with Firestick, Android TV or PC?

As we have reiterated in previous posts on this site, watching sports on television is one of the most popular types of entertainment. In addition, the range of options is varied and for all tastes: soccer, soccer, baseball, golf, basketball, wrestling…. Let’s focus on the latter.

Television has evolved a lot over the years and a very popular trend today is cord-cutting. Many people prefer to enjoy their favorite content on other media, such as the Internet and on-demand content subscriptions or IPTV.

If you like fights and prefer to enjoy internet TV, one question you are probably asking yourself right now is: “How to watch UFC on FireStick?”. We would like to provide you with an option to watch UFC free, but, it is complicated and we do not recommend you to resort to signals of dubious origin on the internet,

We have an answer for you from Boom TV, where we are experts in IPTV services. We will tell you about the best options to enjoy your favorite content from UFC. Read on to learn more!

What Is the UFC?

What Is the UFC

This explanation may not be necessary, but for anyone unfamiliar with the global fighting phenomenon, here goes: UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. In this championship is where all the best mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters come together.

The fights are broadcast to over 130 countries and you can find the best fighters, wrestlers, martial artists and more in no-holds-barred slugfest action. We reiterate that in this discipline there are options for all tastes.

While we’d all like to be at the events in person, paying exorbitant ticket prices and dealing with crowds of people are things that may make you reconsider, especially in these times with many restrictions due to the health situation. Plus, UFC events are often held in distant locations, so attending gets complicated.

So, this is where our role comes into play. Let’s get to know some options to be able to enjoy UFC fight on FireStick, and most popular smart devices.

How to watch UFC fights on FireStick?

1. Boom TV

Boom TV is one of the best IPTV services, if not the best, in the cost-effective category. The base plan starts at $25.00 USD. And it offers many benefits, such as the possibility of accessing more than 2,000 channels from all over the world, without restrictions and with the most varied content on this list.

How to watch the fights tonight for a low price? As you se, this is a good choice. Also, with Boom TV it is possible to purchase pre configured devices (in particular, the famous FireStick). You can explore it by clicking here.

You can also find more information about IPTV services in this link or by visiting directly our news section. Find out why this option is the best way to watch TV at the present time.


If more than a fight fan, you are a true sports fan, you need to have DAZN. It is a platform with paid subscriptions, but they are totally worth it. DAZN prices range from $19.99 per month, to $99.99 per year.

DAZN is simple and easy to use and gives you access to all the best UFC fights and PPV bouts, as well as other MMA events like wrestling and boxing. Among a lot of other content (like Formula 1, for example).

Unfortunately, regional restrictions are a point against using DAZN, so make sure you have a VPN selector handy in case you need to connect from another country.

3. ESPN+

UFC, firestick and ESPN is a combination that works better than you think. While ESPN won’t give you PPV events, there is ESPN+. It is an excellent option, however, it has one major disadvantage: ESPN+ doesn’t work outside of the US. But, as we said before: there is nothing that a VPN selector cannot solve in these cases.

ESPN+ has plans for $6.99 a month and $69.99 a year, but has a free trial you can use to test the service. The free trial may be all you need if you’re only interested in one match (like the UFC 273 match).

Enjoy your favorite content on TV with our services!

As you can see, there are many ways to watch UFC Fight Night on your FireStick and many other devices. How to watch UFC on FireStick? Now you know it! Realize that you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to enjoy your favorite sports content. Especially if you have a subscription to Boom TV!

If you’re a fan of MMA events and fights, make sure you don’t miss out on what’s in store. You can also check out this article. Watching UFC events live is great, but it’s probably more sensible for most people to watch them from the comfort of their homes. Besides, you couldn’t get that close to the action even if you were there in person.

This is the end of our list of recommendations. With these services, you have a cost-effective way to watch Live TV on various devices, including FireStick, Android devices, Smart TVs, and more.

If you have come this far, we hope we have been able to clarify your doubts. Do you want to hire a TV service at a good price? We remind you of our services, are the best! We offer more than 2000 international and local channels with varied programming and multiplatform compatibility at an incredible price.

If you have any questions or comments, you can contact our team, (you can find the contact options on the top corner of this site). It will be a pleasure to assist you, so dare to enjoy your favorite content in the best way! You can also check our reseller options here.