5 IPTV sports channels to watch your favorite sporting events

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There are some great sporting events coming up this season and we are sure you won’t want to miss any of them. In order to make this possible, there are certain IPTV sports channels that are ready to bring all the exclusive content you want to watch to the comfort of your home. 

If you’re not familiar with what Internet Protocol Television is all about and why it should become your favorite method of consuming online content, here are the main reasons why you should take the leap, plus a list of IPTV channels you should know about.

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What are sports IPTVs and how do they work?

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The new era of television is through the Internet and with the evolution and transformation of various streaming platforms or online content transmission has become more than clear to us. 

Sports IPTVs are a modern Internet subscription system through which you can access a wide variety of content, which you would normally access by paying for cable service. The big difference is that IPTVs allow us to access not only national television content, but we can also get almost unlimited international content. 

In addition, the price of the IPTV service is higher, in the sense that there are more benefits for a lower price. For example, contracting a cable service usually involves an investment of up to $150.00 per month, compared to Boom TV’s IPTV subscription, whose annual investment does not exceed this amount of money. 

Now, to access the best IPTV sports channels, simply subscribe to our monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual plan and you will automatically have access to our amazing channel lists. Choose the lists that are perfect for you!

IPTV sports channels for access to the best events of the year

Season after season, there are many sporting events that capture the attention of hundreds of users around the world. Major championships such as the NBA or the NFL are the most requested televised events around the world through the Internet. 

Therefore, here are five of the best IPTV sports channels to access through Boom TV.


ESPN is a prestigious sports television network and one of the best IPTV sports channels that you can access with our subscription. It has coverage of several major sporting events, including soccer, basketball and baseball, and you can even watch the World Cup



Fox Sports is also one of the most famous sports television networks of recent times. It is also known for its coverage of major events in the world of sports such as NFL, MLB, NASCAR, WWE, NBA, NHL. 


It is considered one of the most important sports networks in the United States. It has great relevance in the sports world thanks to the fact that it has the rights to broadcast hundreds of sporting events per year. Among the sporting events that can be accessed through this IPTV sports channel are the Olympic Games, the NFL or the MLB. 


It is a channel specialized in presenting content related to Major League Baseball. It is of great importance within the sports world, since it is here where the main results of the games are updated and where accurate information about sports events is offered. 


It’s not all soccer, soccer, basketball or baseball! The UK’s top horse races can be viewed from the United States or anywhere else in the world, thanks to this sports channel viewable on IPTV.

Purchase an IPTV subscription and get access to the best IPTV sports channels

Now that you know the main benefits of contracting an IPTV sports channel service, tell us, what are you waiting for to acquire it with us? 

Boom TV offers you the best options to watch all the cable content you don’t want to miss! The best thing is that the price is extremely affordable and to enjoy the channels in high quality it will only take a percentage of the global capacity of your internet service. 

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