How does IPTV work? Here we explain it to you


If you’ve ever wondered how IPTV works, this information is for you! 

IPTV has become a relatively new way to access unlimited content over the Internet. We say relatively because the reality of the facts is that IPTV is at least three decades old and since its origins has functioned as an alternative to cable television

Of course, it should not be confused with other media such as streaming or OTT services, as the quality of IPTV will always be superior. 

Do you want to forget about annoying problems such as frozen pictures or out-of-date audio and are looking for unparalleled quality in video streams? In addition to serving as a more economical, attractive and efficient option for watching your favorite shows, series and movies, IPTVs require minimal installation and configuration effort.

IPTV is your best alternative. If you are thinking of acquiring any of our subscriptions, take a look at this information so you can understand how these systems work and the benefits they bring to the user. 

How does IPTV transmission work?

IPTV transmission is similar to that offered by streaming services. 

Unlike traditional television, IPTV broadcasting does not require a direct cable or satellite signal. Moreover, it does not need to be “connected” to the Internet either. 

Generally these systems have a direct reservation of the bandwidth of your Internet package. In order to obtain all the advantages that characterize IPTV, it will be enough to keep the decoder turned on. 

It is precisely this reserve in the bandwidth of your Internet service that enables excellent picture and video quality. While cable and satellite providers send television programs via cable or satellite, IPTV transmits them from a global communication network system.

IPTV architectures: How do they work?

family watching IPTV

IPTV services are generally offered in VoD or “video on demand” format. As we have seen in previous installments, this refers to the user’s ability to choose the content he/she wants to watch. 

The most appropriate way to establish a point of comparison with traditional television is that it only allows us to “tune in” to the content, but not to have control over it. 

And not only that. With IPTV services you can forget about missing crucial details of the plot of your favorite series or movies, since, for the most part, these systems allow you to pause, fast-forward or stop the content as you see fit. 

Now, you can access these protocols based on two particular architectures. The first, centralized type, based on concepts such as VoD and suggesting the participation of small systems. The second, distributed type, which is as scalable as the first, but requires more complex processes, because its statutes are governed under larger and more complex systems. 

Advantages of purchasing an IPTV subscription

IPTV tablet

If in addition to knowing how IPTV works, you still have doubts about its incredible advantages over traditional television and other streaming services, remember that you can enjoy other advantages such as: 

  • The bandwidth that is reserved for the IPTV system allows access to unlimited content (although this will depend on your access lists) and in high definition. In addition, the image and video have higher quality, especially when compared to the mechanisms offered by cable or satellite television. 
  • IPTV gives you complete control over the content you consume. In addition to choosing the content you want to watch on your own, some devices give you the option to delay, fast forward, pause and even record content. 
  • Almost unlimited access to content from anywhere in the world, from a variety of devices. 
  • The price to purchase an IPTV subscription is lower than that of cable or satellite television. 

How does Boom TV IPTV work?

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